Topographic Map

We believe Mr. Stevenson best describes our attitude towards a topographic map in his analysis of “Treasure Island”:

“It is my contention-my superstition, if you like-that who is faithful to his map, and consults it, and draws from it his inspiration, daily and hourly, gains positive support, and not mere negative immunity from accident.

The tale has a root there, it grows in that soil; it has a spine of its own behind the words. Better if the country be real, and he has walked every foot of it and knows every milestone.

But even with imaginary places, he will do well in the beginning to provide a map; as he studies it, relations will appear that he had not thought upon; he will discover obvious, though unsuspected, short-cuts and footprints for his messengers; and even when a map is not all the plot, as it was in “Treasure Island”, it will be found to be a mine of suggestion.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson

The topography of California, Nevada and Arizona is vast, to say the least. We at Nelms Surveying have had experience in mapping it all – if you’re in need of a topographic map, give us a call today!

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