Welcome To Nelms Surveying, Inc. of Bakersfield, CA


Known for our quality and experience, Nelms Surveying has been a trusted name in California land surveying for over 25 years.

Though we are located in Bakersfield, we often take on projects in counties surrounding Kern, such as Mojave, Tulare, Kings, Ventura and SLO counties.

In addition to being licensed in California, our owner, Ron Nelms, is licensed in Nevada and Arizona as well. So, we can accept projects in those locations also.

What Land Surveying Services Do You Need?

Operating Principles

We at Nelms Surveying, Inc. understand that it is vital to incorporate new technology to better accomodate our clients in a speedy but efficient manner.

We utilize the latest in technological equipment such as GPS, robotic total stations, and CAD programs: however, we realize that they are not the “cure all” but rather they are tools to assist us in determining the location of points on the surface of the earth.

These methods of measurement enhances our abilities to analyze the data and therefore come to a correct determination in such issues as boundary resolutions or property surveys; as well as accurate measurements in ALTA’s, Topographic Surveys, or Construction Staking.

Experience, Integrity & Professionalism

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